WUKO Bogie Bender 9050


WUKO Bogie Bender 9050

a.k.a. the Curve Hugger

Made in Austria

A Real Winner for the Expert!

WUKO Bogie Bender 9050
  • Two swivel joints with three roller stops each give outstanding stability
  • Designed to lean into all kinds of curves ‒ both inner and outer
  • Joints easily locked for perfect handling on straight pieces
  • Angled bending wheel for getting springy materials to true 90° or avoiding scratches on coated sheets
WUKO Bogie Bender 9050
WUKO Bogie Bender 9050
WUKO Bogie Bender 9050 with carrying case

What about straight panels?

The tool’s two swivel joints can be fastened in mere seconds by using the integrated locking pins

How to switch back to curvy mode?

  • Pull out the two black knobs
  • Rotate them 30° to lock them in the upper position

This setting allows the roller stops to follow any curve the edge might take.

Technical data

Name Value
Max. bending capacity 0.8 mm (22 ga)
Min. bending height 5 mm
Max. bending height 50 mm (2 in)
Weight 1.21 kg (2.65 lbs)

Product variations

Item no. Description
1018811 Bogie Bender 9050 with cm scale
1018829 Bogie Bender 9050 with inch scale

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