WUKO Bender Set 6050/4040


WUKO Bender Set 6050/4040

Made in Austria

The smallest Benders for the real Pro!

Bender Set 4040/6050

Set consists of:

Further sets on request!


WUKO Mini Über Bender 6050
WUKO Disc-O-Bender Twist 4040

The best of the best for any detail and radius work!

  • WUKO Mini Bender 2050 for Bending/Forming up to 100°: Best results for small inner and outer radii! The angled bending disc prevents any damages on delicate, color-coated material.
  • WUKO Disc‐O‐Bender 4040 Twist, starts at 90°-100° and bends up to 180°: No free space required at the side for setting the tool on and off!
Name Value
Bending height 6050 0.2" - 2"
Bending height 4040 0.31" - 1 1/4"
Max. bending capacity 0.031" (all common materials)
Weight 7 lbs

Product variations

Item number Name
1018936 Bender Set 6050/4040 with inch scale

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